Année de Production:2017
Nationalité :Hungary
Genre:Crime / Thriller / HD
Titre Original: Strangled
Durée: 121 min
Qualité: HD
Réalisateur: Árpád Sopsits
Acteurs: Károly Hajduk, Gábor Jászberényi, Zsolt Anger
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Strangled streaming vf, vostfr

Based on réel life des événements, this le psycho thriller is l'assortiment dans the provincial Hungary of the 1960s, when a series of atrocious murders shock the small town of Martfü. A psychotic le tueur is on the prowl, who continues to slaughter young women while à innocent on is wrongly accused et sentenced for crimes he could never have committed. A determined detective arrives on the scene et soon becomes obsessed with the case while under pressure from the prosecutor to see a on le penchant. Le stuc dans the suffocating social, political et psychological world of socialist Hungary, we soon trouve ourselves entangled dans a tisse of intricate conspiracy et disturbing le drame. Regarder Strangled HD streaming gratuit online VF in
Le genreCrime / Thriller / HD
Film en VersionVF
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